The KNMI FDSN Event Web Service provides access to event parameters in QuakeML format, as well as other useful formats, from the earthquake catalog of The Netherlands. Events may be filtered e.g. by hypocenter, time and magnitude parameters. The request type is HTTP-GET and HTTP-POST.

Please refer to for a complete service description.



Available URLs

The following URLs are available through this web service:

Feature notes

Feature notes regarding this implementation of the FDSN web service specification:

  • Back-end software: SeisComP4
  • catalog request parameter not implemented (information not available in SeisComP4)
  • contributor request parameter is mapped to the agencyID
  • updatedafter request parameter not implemented: The last modification time in SeisComP4 is tracked on the object level. If a child of an object is updated the update time is not propagated to all parents. In order to check if a station was updated all children must be evaluated recursively. This operation would be much too expensive.
  • Additional request parameters, effective only for xml output:
    • includepicks: boolean, default: true available only in combination with includearrivals=true
    • formatted: boolean, default: false
  • Additional values of request parameters:
    • format
      • standard: [xml, text]
      • additional: [qml (=xml), qml-rt, sc3ml, csv]
      • default: xml