Event detail

Earthquake data

Event ID
Origin Time (UTC)
2013-11-09 01:19:03
2.4 (ML)
Location Analysis
Event Type
induced earthquake
Latitude [°]
53.052 N
Longitude [°]
6.755 E
Depth [km]
Waveform Count
Max PGA [cm/s2]
Max PGV [cm/s]

Stations with peaks

PGA values [cm/s2]
from 0 to 10  unprocessed
from 0 to 10  from 0 to 10
from 10 to 20  from 10 to 20
from 20 to 50  from 20 to 50
from 50 to 100  from 50 to 100
from 100 up  from 100 up
Station (Net.Sta.) Lat [°] Lon [°] Elev [m] Station Name Epi. Dist. [km] Max PGA [cm/s2] Max PGV [cm/s] Detail
NL.BWSE 53.344 N 6.710 E 1 Westeremden 32.62 0.065  (HGN) 0.002  (HGN) streams
3 ms

PGA regression (geo. mean of horizontals) in [cm/s2]

Notes on Ground Motion Prediction Equations (GMPEs):

  • GMPE v4 can only be shown at the location of the stations because it takes into account local site effects, which depend on the location.
  • GMPE v4 is computed combining 4 models (Lower, Central-lower, Central-upper and Upper) for the median predictions and 2 branches for the within-event variability (Phi).
  • GMPE v4 is computed using Rhypo, but plotted on Repi.
  • The standard deviation of GMPE v4 is composed by the variability at rock and the site-to-site variability, being combined in the most conservative way.

PGV regression (geo. mean of horizontals) in [cm/s]

To zoom in a chart, draw a rectangle with the mouse inside it.

The charts only display data within certain limits: 0.001 ≤ PGA [cm/s2] ≤ 5000
0.0001 ≤ PGV [cm/s] ≤ 500

PGA ShakeMap (max. of horizontals) in [%g]

PGV and PSA ShakeMaps (max. of horizontals) in [cm/s] and [%g]

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